Top 50 Job Sites

Top 50 Job Sites

Your carefully crafted cover letters and resumes are considered worthless if you have no idea where to send them. In the midst of this recession, you can lose yourself and lose your way to success, and those documents you’ve spent so much time perfecting will only look good in your computer’s documentation file. However, behind the curtains of the economic depression lie a wide and wide range of job opportunities that you can easily imagine being found online. So, if you really are strong enough to pursue your dream job, here is a list of the 50 best job sites and their descriptions.

Top 50 Job Sites
Top 50 Job Sites

Entry Level Job Sites:

* After College – this was created specifically for college students and fresh graduates. This is both an employment and internship site that allows callers to post their resumes. This site has a search engine that gives seekers easy access to numerous openings in different states. For added convenience, candidates can filter their searches by genre, field, industry, and career type.

* CollegeGrad – currently the #1 entry-level site as it provides search service for college students and recent graduates. Probably the only entry-level site that lists Best-in-Class Employers, Top Trainee Employers, and Top Master Employers. The site also offers job search advice and a virtual career fair. It also allows sending resumes and searching for internships.

* College Recruiter – a site designed to provide entry-level job and career opportunities for college students, graduates and graduates. It also displays the part-time and full-time job listing.

* Raytheon – provides listings and descriptions for available deals. There is a jobs section that gives every seeker the chance to search for the perfect job based on their interest, location and choice of genre. It has profile matching, internship and co-op features to help college students and new college students gain hands-on experience.

* Job Box – This site is open to high school and college candidates. It offers opportunities from seasonal and part-time to entry-level jobs and internships.

Top 50 Job Sites
Top 50 Job Sites

International Job Sites:

* – site dedicated to bilingual or multilingual job seekers. For the sake of communication, callers are required to have at least knowledge of English. Also, callers can search by language. This site also offers advice on interviews and resume building.
* – is a metasearch site that aims to pull thousands of posts from different parts of the world. It brings together job postings from major boards, top newspapers, professional associations and career centers.

* – this is one of the mega-meta sites using a simple search interface. From hundreds of job sites and thousands of listings, searchers can simplify their searches by searching using keywords and location and browsing by category. On this site, seekers can learn about the job search process. The site is also dedicated to providing information on continuing education opportunities.

Top 50 Job Sites

* Jobs.NET – a site that hosts applicants from around the world, allowing them to browse thousands of jobs, submit confidential online resumes and get job search tips and advice. Searchers, keywords, location, recent postings, salary, position, industry, company size, etc. You can search by criteria.

* LatPro – this site is dedicated to providing assistance to Hispanic and bilingual professionals. It is a leader in online employment worldwide and gives callers the opportunity to scan pre-screened lists of employers. It also allows hopefuls to submit multiple resumes, create email job agents and access career resources.

The site includes career advice, relocation services, and an auction-style marketplace perfect for independent professionals.

Top 50 Job Sites

* – contains more than 150,000 posts from all over the world. It is one of the free sites with the largest database. Callers can post and submit their online resumes and check out the competition and openings at their location.

* – this is twitter users looking for jobs

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