Are You The Right Person For The Job

Are You The Right Person For The Job

It may be tempting to skip this article, making sure you are indeed the right person for the job, but this article contains important information to help you decide on your employability, your motivation to start this job and what kind of preferences you have. in the position you want.

Are You The Right Person For The Job
Are You The Right Person For The Job

Single, married or with dependents?

Educational couples are the most sought after goods in international schools because they are the most cost effective to hire. They are hired together and need only one living allowance.

Are You The Right Person For The Job

Singles come later and are especially attractive if they are willing to share the residence. Towards the start of the new academic year, when schools are desperate to fill their remaining vacancies, single teachers become even more attractive because they are often so mobile because they have no dependents to adjust.

Couples with children are at the bottom of the list. One or two kids isn’t an unattractive prospect in most schools, but you may find that having more than two doesn’t add up to the extra benefits. Some people I work with and have three children reported having to pay tuition fees for their third child.

teaching couples

Teaching couples and teachers with dependent spouses and/or children should apply early in the process where there is more flexibility. If you’re planning to find a job as a training couple, you’re unlikely to be very successful at attending job fairs towards the end of the season.

Often times, one member of a teaching couple will find the perfect job, while the other member may need to settle for an acceptable or part-time job.

Are You The Right Person For The Job

single teachers

Single teachers can find positions until the beginning of the new academic year, as they can easily fill the school’s unfilled or unexpected gaps.

Age (at both ends of the scale)

Age can be an issue in some countries due to visa requirements, but generally more mature people are attracted to international schools as they are believed to be stable.

On the other hand, many schools apply a salary scale that makes less experienced (which usually means younger) teachers financially attractive to schools.

If you’re used to being at the top of the pay scale, you may want to ask if the pay tier you start with is limited. I’ve heard that some schools require all new teachers to start school with the same pay step, regardless of years of experience.

Qualifications and experience

Some sources of information about teaching in international schools state that you must have a degree in education, a teaching license and two years of experience. This is not true at all. You’ll need some kind of qualification OR experience, but there are opportunities for just about everyone.

If you don’t have two years of experience, you will need to pay close attention to the job postings sections. Since one of the selection criteria for candidates is two years of experience, you probably won’t be invited to a job fair. This doesn’t mean you’re an unattractive candidate for schools, it just means you won’t necessarily find a job through a job fair.

Are You The Right Person For The Job
Are You The Right Person For The Job

Are You The Right Person For The Job

If you have a bachelor’s degree and TEFL qualification, you can teach in an ESL position at most schools. The nature of your undergraduate degree is often unimportant; many countries expect this basic level of education to qualify for a work visa. My first teaching job was at a private language school in Taiwan, the only qualifications I had were a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a TEFL certificate showing that the ink was still wet.

If you have no teaching qualifications and no experience in teaching children, ask ‘What job opportunities are there for my non-teaching partner?’ You should see the section entitled, obtain a TEFL certificate or one of the following. many non-governmental organizations that sponsor or offer teaching internships in different countries.

Are You The Right Person For The Job

If you can’t qualify for your dream job now, don’t give up in defeat. There are many opportunities to increase your qualifications, both by returning to university full or part time, and by distance learning online. Use this book to help you discover what qualities you need to get your dream job and go get them.

Your condition does not need to be stable, there are always options to try. If you absolutely have to go abroad now, you should seriously consider TEFL as you can earn a qualification to teach TEFL in 2-4 weeks of full-time study. Again, distance and part-time options are available along with TEFL qualifications.

Easy-going, flexible and adaptable people

Employers are looking for people who can handle the move well, live in a new culture, and fit seamlessly into their current staffing situation.

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